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Help Saves Lives – Adopt A Dog

As an animal lover, you want to do right by all of the creatures you share your home with – big and small. But you’re not too sure about pet stores and private breedersbecause you can guarantee you’re not supporting abusive conditions (like puppy mills). So that’s why you’ve decided to add to your pack by adopting a dog. When you adopt a dog, you’re giving this animal another chance at a loving life.

Many people believe that behavioural problems lead to a dog being put up for adoption. But in all actuality, that’s rarely the case. A family can have a baby, a sudden move, a financial crisis, illness, or even a death that causes them to surrender their beloved pet. Since circumstances make it impossible to keep them, the person posting an ad for their dog will want to find a loving home that will take care of him or her when they can’t.

When you adopt a pet that came from a loving home, it means your family will benefit from the hard work and love that the previous owners put into their dog. House training won’t be an issue if you adopt a mature dog, and you can limit your options to only those dogs that have been seen and checked by a veterinarian. Whether or not the dog has been micro-chipped, fixed, or if it has received it shots are all things a lot of adoptive pet owners look for in a new pet.

Meeting up with an owner to find a potential dog can be frustrating if you drive all the way to their house only to find out that the dog’s not fixed and it hasn’t received any of its shots. This is the main reason why so many people are turning to local online classified blogs in their search for dogs for adoption. Not only can you keep your dog search local, you can contact the owner and ask all of the pertinent questions in the body of your enquiry email. Before you set up a time and date for you meet up, you can ask to see proof of their shots and any other significant health history.

The easy-to-navigate platform is a great way to get communication flowing between you and the owner. The two of you can get to know each other via email, explaining your respective needs and wants for the adoption. When both sides understand everything regarding the details of the adoption, chances are the dog will be happier for it. And you can feel good about your choices, for having given this dog a second chance at life.

Basic Puppy Training

This post is written by Jane Goodman who blogs for Pedigree Cutts.

Aw, you got a new puppy!!  How cute they are at this age!  And this, my friends is the reason there are so many poorly trained dogs out there today.  We bring home this cute little ball of fluff and we let them roll all over us.  We spend large amounts of time and money picking the right puppy, finding the right toys to keep them occupied, buying the most luxurious puppy bed, and making sure they have their nutritional needs met. What we forget to invest in is training.


Dogs as a whole are biologically programmed with the need to have a strong leader for them to look up to and learn to be good doggy citizens from.  This is YOU!  In order to give your pet the best training possible you need to maintain a consistent, calm dedication to ensuring your teach your puppy what you expect of him. Anger, aggression, and extreme dominance are not the answer and will often do more harm than good.

Start on day one, first and foremost we want to ensure that we are instilling natural behaviours in our pups.  Start with housebreaking; dogs do not want to relieve themselves near their sleeping quarters.  The younger your pup is the faster they will learn this behaviour.  Make sure that you have a safe place picked out for your pup to go potty and take them to this place every time you take them outside.  First thing in the morning, after feedings, after napping, and before putting them to bed. Reward them when they are successful, be happy, throw a small party, or give them a treat for a job well done.  In the event of an accident in the house, do not make a scene, stay calm but quickly take your puppy to the place that you have chosen to be their potty spot.


In addition it is imperative that we ensure that our pets are safe, this means teaching them to sit when told, stay where we left them, or walk calmly on a leash are all important things to teach our pets.  Allowing them to misbehave allows them to put themselves in a dangerous position.  So take the time to practice these behaviors every day.  Any time you catch your puppy sitting, tell them what a great sit they have and give them a treat. After several times start using the word sit, and directing them into a sitting position with a treat or your hand. Once they are able to do this consistently, add the stay command.  Once they stay for a few brief moments tell them what a good stay they have, and reward them. Continue to do this daily each time making the stay longer each time.

Teaching our puppies the basics of good behaviour is imperative to having a happy and healthy relationship with our pets.  Take the time, be consistent, positive, and give clear directions and your puppy will soon be on the way to being a good doggy citizen!

The Most Popular Dog Training Tricks

One of the best factors about having a puppy is it being in a position to teach it to do different tricks and stick to spoken instructions. There’s a large number of methods that puppies can master, from easy spoken instructions to dog show-standard measures. Training your pet tricks isn’t just an enjoyable and satisfying procedure, but produces a relationship of companionship in between both you and your dog friend, and it is general a terrific way to spend more time with your pet. In this post, we will check out some well-liked dog training methods, in addition to good quality strategies, and even a dog book with step-by-step training, to train your puppy successfully.

There are numerous spoken instructions which are well-known for pet owners, for example sit down, stay, and lay down. Nevertheless, these do not really become qualified as tricks – we outline tricks as instructions that are not always helpful for anything but entertaining, even though training them to your pet is unquestionably worth the time. Well-known methods consist of talk, jump, play dead, and rollover. Talk is a order provided to get the puppy to give off one sharp bark. Jump is fairly clear, play dead should result in the dog rollover onto its back, and rollover may have your dog go all around. These canine training tricks are a some of the lots of people began to train their pets.

There are some methods to have your dog get some proper dog training tricks, but the easiest way is straightforward perseverance. You are able to move your canine’s body physically as well as show him how to handle your own body, and try to compliment your puppy after having a effective trick. You may also provide them with a little treat to motivate them. Occasionally, training clickers are utilized, since it assists your dog connect the action these were doing at the specific duration of the click with the treat prize that is included with it. If you wish to teach your pet some thing more difficult, a dog clicker is a great option.

Once you have obtained your pet began understanding proper dog training methods, they’ll begin to detect your training techniques and more effortlessly master once you attempt to help them learn. This is also true if you are using a training clicker, simply because they connect the existence of a dog clicker with studying, and will also be much more ready to try to use you if the coaching clicker (and, by proxy, goodies) is present.

Dogs Are Gods Of Frolic

Puppies are usually the most incredible animals simply because they will offer unconditional love. Dogs like their own masters and also the owners reciprocate by giving them with all the stuff of comfort they are able to provide. Dogs products are necessary and helpful stuff to keep your pet happy and healthy, including products for grooming your dog and keeping fine pet health. Dog or canine products could be grouped in to numerous sub groups, such as canine training products, grooming a dog products, and much more specialist things like hunting doggy products.

Grooming Your Dog:

Puppies are gods of frolic. Venture thorough grooming a dog is similar to getting a permanent job needing many tolerance, but full of activity and also the general enjoyable of having a puppy and making sure it lives a good and carefree lifetime. Grooming a dog is a vital exercise that ought to not be undervalued – an exercise that guarantees fine canine health care and cleanliness and need to as well assist to remove many pet health issues.

Grooming a puppy is actually a relatively intense program of canine healthcare which covers the whole life time your dog. Doggy proper care, canine healthcare, providing a good hygiene shower, cleaning, brushing, combing, looking at ears, paws, teeth and underside, nail trimming, eliminating doggy bugs as well as insects, and repairing normal meetings using a expert veterinary are generally significant actions which a pet owner need to take on. A pet’s owners need to follow a routine of standard pet grooming sessions.

Puppy health care is definitely a significant exercise that needs lots of homework and tolerance. Such as kids, puppies need additional unique attention. A puppy should be treated with careful attention, and must be groomed correctly, fed properly and nicely, and bedded correctly.

Dog Grooming Supply:

Excellent grooming a dog products are necessary to assist undertake a significant actions of grooming a dog and also health care. A puppy supply can include a dog houses, pet furniture, pet carriers, canine beds, pet toys, collars for dogs and leashes, pet bathtub, canine soaps, pet perfumes, canine smell removal and mouth fresheners and much more.

Dog Beds:

A puppy bed is often a bed created specifically for the resting comfort of a puppy. It needs to be the comfortable retreat to where it retires to have nice dreams after a very long and energetic day. Fine canine beds play an important part in keeping your pet in good condition. The incorrect sleep might a lot modify the health of the pet, thus dog owners needs to be careful when choosing pet beds.

Military Dog Training School

Meet the dogs commandos who are trained to deal with criminals in the most dangerous situations. With Military Dogs it’s all about Dog Training. Dog Training Schools they have are really interesting and full of education.Particularly concentrated animal from the training center “Wolfgrey K9”, which is based near the Indian city of Bangalore – the real mercenaries. They are very popular among the teams of special forces, intelligence agencies and armed forces around the world. Dog breed German shepherd, Dutch and Belgian Shepherds are carefully selected, and are experienced dog handlers. Obedience – the basis of training and communicating with the dog. Training program lasts 18 months. Dog Pics Bellow will show you some of dog training they do at dog training school.


Naming Your Dog

There’s more to naming a new dog than one might think. One must consider the different environments in which the dog will be spending time, the names of people who will be around the dog most often, the dog’s traits and your personality, the ease of use of a particular name; and if a rescue, what the dog’s name was before and what kind of circumstance he’s coming from. This article refers to a dog’s call name for the purposes of training and general use around the house; the name you use to get your dog’s attention. A dog’s registered name is another story since it is not something he will have to answer to.


Do you plan on taking your dog to the park regularly? Do you live in a neighborhood populated with many dogs? Then you don’t want to go for a too-common name. Picture yourself at the dog park calling for Max, Buddy, or Maggie. Do you really want ten or fifteen dogs running at you at the same time, thinking you’re calling them, and your dog running to half the people in the park because he keeps hearing his name? Consider originality when you’re naming your dog and you’ll have an easier time. However, if you live in a high rise apartment, you’re not a fan of dog parks, you don’t intend to spend much time socializing your dog with other dogs, and you’re completely set on the name Max, it’s certainly not the end of the world.

Family and Friend Names

It might be a fun idea to name your bulldog after your uncle because you think they look alike. But, besides the fact that your uncle might not be too amused, you have to ask yourself, does your uncle come over a lot? The thing is, teaching a dog his name is extremely important. You want your dog to always respond to his name right away and be immediately attentive. There can’t be any question in your dog’s mind as to whom you’re referring when he hears his name. So, if Uncle Buck comes over once a week, Buck might not be the perfect name for your bulldog. However, you can always ask Uncle Buck to not come around for a while, until little Buck responds to his name without any hesitation.

Your Dog’s Traits and You

Your dog’s name should suit you and the dog. Remember, you could have this dog for the next 10-15 years, so you’d better like it. Stay away from passing interests and phases, or inside jokes that will lose their novelty within a year. Also stay away from traits that your pooch might grow out of. I almost named my puppy Bruce because he had a marking like the Bat Signal, but before he was even weaned, the mark had stretched to a splotch, so the name no longer fit.

Also, think about what your dog is going to look like when he grows up. Your three month old Doberman Pinscher or Pit Bull might still be fuzzy and little enough to be named Killer for now, but when he’s full grown, you’re going to have a lot of explaining to do. You don’t want to have to defend your sweet and affectionate family dog constantly just because of his name.

Your dog’s name should reflect something about you, and be something you have no problem saying over and over again for years. Stinky, or Schnookems might seem adorable when your dog’s still a puppy, but imagine yelling it across the dog park, or calling those names down the street when your dog accidentally gets out of the yard.

Ease of Use and Understanding

Make sure the name you chose is easy to use and understand. So, despite your love for Mary Poppins, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is not going to work. Your dog’s name should be short, one or two syllables. This will help your dog learn it faster, and it will be easy to discern from other words. Remember, your dog doesn’t speak English, it’s all just sounds. Dogs have the easiest time discerning hard consonants like T, K, and D.

Make sure the name you choose doesn’t sound like a common dog command like sit, stay, or down. Even if you intend to teach your dog to sit when you say “banana” he’ll still hear others telling him and other dogs to sit thousands of times for the rest of his life, so Kit isn’t a great name.

Rescue Dogs

If the dog you brought home from a shelter already has a name, and you don’t like it, there’s no shame in changing it. Just like you can housetrain an untrained rescue dog, and a rescue dog can get used to a new home, he can learn a new name. You’ll be surprised at how fast he picks up his new name if you use one that is short and easy to understand.

In fact, in many circumstances it is a good idea to change a rescue dog’s name. Dogs often end up in shelters because they were unwanted, unloved, and sometimes abused. Many of these dogs have heard their current name in unfortunate circumstances enough times to associate it with bad things happening to or around them. If you chose a new name and always use it in good context, it will be a great marker the beginning of a new and happy life for your dog.

Teaching the Name

Teaching your dog his name is easy. All you have to do is use it regularly and reward your dog for answering to it. Look at your dog and say his name. When he reacts to it, shower him with praise. When you say your dog’s name, he should put his attention immediately on you, so get excited every time he responds to it. You’ll find this happens quite naturally because your dog will pick up a good name quickly and make you proud when he answers to it with growing consistency.

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The Characteristics of a Boxer Puppy

The Boxer puppy or dog is a very energetic breed of dog. Boxers are called the clown of dogs, because they have a personality all their own.

The Boxer makes a great family dog. They love to be around children, and get along well with other dogs, as long as they are socialized when they are younger.

It is believed that the Boxer originally comes from Germany, and were used to hunt live wild boar, and their ears where cropped for this reason, so the wild boars could not gorge the ears of the Boxers.

The Boxer dog is a dog of higher intelligence, and will require daily activities, just to keep them occupied, as a Boxer is a high energy dog, that requires lots of physical activities. So don’t plan on having a dog that will be sitting around the house watching TV with you, they will go crazy if they don’t get enough exercise, and start destroying things.

The average size of a Boxer is roughly 50 to 70 pounds, with males being bigger. The life expectancy of a Boxer is roughly 12 to 14 years. The hair and coat is short and shiny on Boxer dogs.

The Boxer was breed as a working dog, guard dog, and family dog. The Boxer will be happy to see welcome guests, and protective and cautious with strangers and unwelcome guests. If your Boxer feels a family member is be threatened, the Boxer will naturally become aggressive towards the perpetrator.

Boxer dogs by nature are not aggressive. They would actually rather run and romp around with you, and be the clown they are famous for being. They do better when they have another dog playmate to romp with.

In the olden days, the Boxer and the Mastiff were related, and if you look at them together, you can easily see the resemblance to each other.

A Boxer puppy or dog should have a backyard to play in. If not, they should be taken to a park on a daily basis. The Boxer does not do well in cold or hot climates. When it is really hot, the Boxer can have a hard time breathing and keeping themselves cool, so totally keep that in mind if you live in very hot places, or it is just a hot day outside, make sure your Boxer has plenty of fresh drinking water, and a nice place to get out of the cold or heat.

If your one of the ones lucky enough to own a Boxer puppy or dog, you are going to see him or her do some pretty crazy harmless fun things sometimes, that will make you laugh sometimes, and then you will realize why they are called the clown dog!

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Diet And Exercise Is Important For Any Dog

When you own a dog it is your responsibility to look out for the care and health of your dog. An important part of your dog’s health is his exercise and diet. If these are not monitored very closely and he is not given a proper nutritionally balanced diet and exercise, your dog can become hyper and destructive (which can lead to giving up ownership because the dog is no longer manageable) or it can become lazy and obese which is very dangerous to any dog because weight issues compound much faster on a dog than it does for a human. Obesity in dogs can greatly reduce the dogs lifespan and shorten the time you have to spend with your best friend.


It is our job to control the amount and what he/she eats to be sure that it is a healthy amount of a good, well balanced diet. Some dogs know no limit to the amount to eat and will make themselves extremely sick and obese if we don’t do our part to keep them healthy. Every food is different varying greatly as far as the recommended amount to feed and not all food bag suggestions are accurate for every dog. Your vet would be the best person to consult for more assistance in diet recommendations. Giving your dog table scraps can not only create an ill behaved beggar but can contribute to obesity and other health problems.


A dog should be kept lean and trim, he should not be all ribs and bony, neither should he be roly poly. When a dog is much heavier than he should be, or obese, he should be given more exercise and less fat intake and fillers and more protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. He should not be allowed to freely graze but rather given a set amount of time to eat what he needs and then the food should be removed until the next meal time. All table scraps should be discontinued as they lack any nutritional value and contribute to weight gain. Your dog should be sent away and kept away from your table when you are eating so that he is discouraged from begging.


You can help him get used to this change by feeding him first in another room. Not all dog foods are healthy. It is necessary to research the food before giving it to him to be sure that it contains a balance of the necessary proteins, grains, vitamins, vegetables fiber and minerals and a strict amount of food should be supplied for him at a set time. Some fats are necessary in a dogs diet, the objective is to pay close attention to which ones you are providing him or her with and the amount you giving him. Human foods and sugary foods can convert to fat in a dog’s digestive system leading to additional weight gain. A senior dog should be kept on a low calorie, high fiber diet. An older dog that refuses to eat or is disinterested in food, may be encouraged to eat by first moistening his food, then if that hasn’t worked, try an all natural gravy supplement or as I’ve found to be tried and true, (only if you are sure that your dog is not lactose intolerant) very small amounts of cheese, scrambled eggs (minus the butter) or peanut butter.


When a dog is too skinny, he may be given extra food that is nutritionally balanced and by supplementing with an all natural gravy diet supplement, you can help him reach his recommended target weight. Once he reaches this goal, you can return to regular recommended feedings. Maintaining a healthy weight for your dog is a series of constant slight adjustments through his lifetime. When he is too skinny or underweight, feed him a little more and when he is overweight, cut back. By paying close attention to this and making these adjustments you will keep your dog healthy and have your best friend around a whole lot longer.


Walking or jogging with your dog or playing with him and throwing balls or Frisbees to make him run and chase them are great ways to help your dog burn calories and aid in weight loss. Letting your dog play with other well behaved, vaccinated canine playmates is another great activity that will help him as well.

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Adopting Adult Cats & Dogs

Getting a new pet is never a quick or easy decision. How do you know what pet is right for you? First you must figure out what your options are. There are purebreds, strays, rescues, puppies, kittens, and adults. That’s right, adult pets (pets over two years old) need homes, too. Just as with any animal, you must research its history, temperament, and breed. You may not have thought about adopting an adult pet, but after reading this article, perhaps you will at least consider it as an option.

Many people are afraid that adult pets will come with some behavioral problems. That may be true. Pets at animal shelters tend to be at a higher risk for issues like separation anxiety and food aggression (when an animal becomes defensively aggressive if you approach its food). However, not all pets have these difficult problems. There are many adult pets at shelters, and a vast majority of them are not difficult or bad, they are simply lonely. The best way to make sure the animal will not have any behavioral problems is to learn its history and spend time asking about its personality.

Of course, all adult pets, just like adult humans, have personality quirks. Maybe the cat needs vigilant cleaning of the litter box, or the dog doesn’t get along well with other dogs. Any of these personality traits can develop and exist in a pet whether you owned it since it was little or welcomed it into the house as an older pet. A puppy or kitten is not exactly a blank slate. You can influence its manners and control its personality to a certain extent, but you will never be able to exactly dictate the type of animal it will become. Even the influence that you have comes only with hard work and vigilance.

The thing is, when you have an older pet, at least you already know its personality. There will be no surprises that arise, as can sometimes happen with a young pet. When you first get your tiny new puppy or kitten, you have no way of predicting whether it will be calm, neurotic, hyper, loud, friendly, or shy. You can guess based on its breed and the temperament of its parents, but there is no guarantee. When you adopt an adult pet, you will know straight away what kind of personality and energy level you going to be dealing with.

On that note sometimes adult pets suit your lifestyle better than a puppy. Are you an older person? Do you have limited time? Just like kids, young pets need constant supervision and patience. They will need to be potty-trained and will interrupt your day constantly for crucial socialization. Puppies and kittens don’t come with manners; they don’t yet know the rules and roles of hierarchy and the human world. Their attention span is incredibly short, which can make them cute and frustrating at the same time. Also, the first year of life is often the most expensive with vaccinations, dewormers, check-ups, etc. On the other hand, with older adult pets you have to consider potential expensive geriatric issues like kidney disease and diabetes. However, these are issues that you would eventually deal with if you got a young pet anyways.

One common misconception is that an adult pet will never bond with you or your family the way a young pet, who has spent its whole life with you would. It might take time for an adult animal to learn to trust, respect, and bond with you. However, it also takes a young animal some time to adjust to a life without its mother and littermates. You may be surprised to learn that often the pets with the strongest bond to their owner are adult rescues. They are so strongly attached to their owner that, as mentioned above, they can have more of a predisposition for separation anxiety.

When you adopt a pet, you get the satisfaction that you have saved this animal from a life in a cage or no life at all. When you adopt an adult pet, you get the opportunity to show an animal love, an animal that may have suffered abandonment, abuse, or loneliness. Animals may not think the way humans do, but they still somehow manage to show us their appreciation for the new start that we give them.

As always, when you are thinking about getting a pet, do your research. Consider the time and effort you are willing to put into a pet. When you look at different breeds, determine what personality quirks are you willing to tolerate. Are you willing to have a high-energy pet? What about a vocal, attention-needy, or protective pet? There is nothing wrong with wanting to adopt a kitten or puppy, and to enjoy those younger years. The benefits adopting an adult pet however, may be better suited to your lifestyle.

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Breeding Golden Retrievers

For beginners, breeding Golden Retrievers is nearly impossible.  Breeding can be very complicated, although it can be easy as well.  You should never attempt to breed unless you know a lot about requirements for hobby breeders, as it is simply unfair to the breed if you have a litter of puppies that simply aren’t what they should be.  People who look to buy Golden Retrievers only want top quality, which is why you shouldn’t attempt to breed just have a puppies or make a few bucks.


Breeding Golden Retrievers is a very serious hobby, one that should be left to those who know how to make the right choices.  There is a certain amount of cost and care involved with breeding, especially if breeders are going for a certain quality.  There is also a lot of responsibility involved as well, which can take quite a bit of time to say the least.


Breeding can help to fulfill the need of a Golden, although the dog still has no knowledge of it missing, no regrets, or no guilt towards living a life without having been breed.  A pregnant Golden Retriever female doesn’t gain anything in regards to health, as it instead causes problems.  Golden females that have been spayed on the other hand, cannot be bred.  If you have chosen to have your Golden spayed, always remember that she will be unable to breed.


When looking to breed, quality breeders will have a lot of choices in front of them.  They will need to determine the pair, such as the mother and the father.  To get the highest quality possible from the litter, the breeder will need to determine the traits of both dogs, temperaments, and how well they seem to react to one another.  The breeder will also need to determine in either of the dogs have any type of health problems, to prevent any diseases or ailments from being passed on to the litter.


Sometimes, when breeding Golden Retrievers, the mother of the litter will prove to be unfit, which requires more work for the breeder.  If the mother isn’t doing her job of nurturing her young, the breeder will need to do it for her.  This can be the most time consuming aspect of breeding, as the breeder will have to feed the young and make sure that they turn out as healthy as possible.


Aside from that, breeders also face quite a bit of costs as well.  The prices for daily care, food, and vet bills can be very steep to say the least.  When you crunch the numbers, you’ll quickly realize that breeders don’t make much money at all when they sale.  Most breeders do it for a hobby, not looking to make money.  Quality breeders on the other hand aren’t concerned with money at all, as they are more concerned about the quality of their litters.  Quality is better than quantity, as even the best breeders out there have problems selling puppies from time to time.


Although breeding is fun for hobby breeders, it is something you really shouldn’t be doing if you don’t have the experience.  Although your Golden may get knocked up by a dog of a different breed without you knowing it, you should do your best to avoid it at all costs if you can.  A pure bred Golden Retriever should be bred only with dogs of her breed, to help preserve the breed and keep their bloodline going.  If you have thought about breeding in the past – you should really study long and hard before you actually make a reality of it.

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