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The Handler is Gone, Let’s Have Fun!

Dog sled is a great sport when you have polar dogs and fine equipment.  However, huskies are stubborn and love to to business on their own.  Check out this cute group of huskies riding the sled in the unknown without their handler and the amount of fun they are having right now 🙂

The Top 11 Jobs For Dogs

So far the phrase “Dog’s Life” didn’t come to my attention seriously. Now, when i see some of those pics and imagine dogs struggling to give their best and to perform their jobs correctly i know what this is all about. Check out this top 11 awesome jobs that dogs can perform and tell us what do you think will they be good choose for the available careers.

Police Officer

Airline Pilot

Boat Captain



Classical Pianist

Gourmet Chef


Medical Professional

Construction Worker


Tom and Jerry

Even we know that main characters in Tom and Jerry are mouse and cat, we are 100% sure dog’s enjoy in the show too.  Do not forget that third and forth main characters in Tom and Jerry are Spike  and Tyke, the father American Bulldog and his puppy son. Check out how the group of dogs enjoy in the show.

One Day of the Dogs Life

Dog’s life is often the synonym for the hard and unpleasant life. To explain us this phrase better, the photographer John Shafto used his dog Pete to photograph the interesting moments and scenes from Pete every day’s life naming the series “A day in the Life of Pete, the dog”.  Pete starts his day with hangover from night before, continuing to the bathroom for vomiting and the shower afterwards. Once ready, the Pete goes to work and when is finally at home he lay down on bed and get drunk. Tomorrow is the new day and for Pete it’s just indefinitely repeat…







Dogs On Jet Skis

In the warm summer days dogs need to find activity that will chill them out. Nowdays, dogs are so progressive they even know how to ride the Jet Skies. You don’t believe us? Well, take a look yourself.


Dogs and Cars Napping Together

In the warm summer days both dogs and cats does not have so many activities outside. Instead of playing they choose to stay inside and sleep. Here is what happens if they need pillow 🙂


Dog Lawyer Memes

Memes are becoming really popular form of fun online nowdays. In last few months we seen a lot of memes that goes viral, and today we present you the dogs meme that will become really popular in the next days. In the dog pics today we present you dog lawyer and his funny cases. We hope this will make you laugh.



Beds made of Dogs

After whole day of running and playing dogs get tired and then they fell a sleep. When they are deep in sleep their friends come and lay down on furry dogs. As a result we got extremely cute photos with dogs and their best friends


Dogs in World Records

The National Dog Day was perfect time to measure up the current dogs holding world records, from heaviest to smallest, and everything in-between.

World’s Biggest dock diving

Baxter (Belgian Malinois)Leaped 29’7″ in May 2011, setting the new all-time record.

The World’s Best Dog Tracker

Sauer (Doberman Pinscher) is  police-trained pinscher, Sauer tracked a thief 100 miles across the Great Karroo in South Africa by scent alone.

The World’s Longest Dog Ears

Tigger (Bloodhound) have really big ears, They measure 13.75″ (left), 13.5 (right).

Best Drug Sniffing Dog

General W-235 was Enlisted in the US Army, General was the only drug-sniffing dog with a 100% arrest record, with 220 searches, 220 arrests, and more than 330 seizures of contraband. He was put down in 1983, age twelve.

The World’s Oldest Dog

Bluey (Australian Cattle Dog) was  Born on 7 June 1910 in Rochester, Victoria, Australia, Bluey herded sheep and cattle until his death on 14 November 1939, at the age of 29 years, 5 months, and 7 days.

The World’s Smallest Dog

Elwood (Jack Russell Terrier) is only 3.5″ tall and weigh only 15oz.

The World’s Tallest Dog

Gibson (Great Dane) is 7′ tall and weight 142lbs.

The World’s Heaviest Dog

Zorba (English Mastiff) have 343lbs and it’s 8’3″ long.

The World’s Ugliest Dog

Yoda (Chinese-crested / Chihuahua Mix). For all other info, just check photo  :p

What Dogs Do Not Want?!

Did you ever wonder what you dogs love and like and what’s not? How will that look if your dog can tell you about his emotions? Instead telling you, you can get other kind of signals and reactions from your pet dog… On dog pics bellow we collected best reaction that clearly say “Do Not want”. Conclusion is that most of them bragging about food friends and similar things. We actually feel really sorry for dog in last picture for working on job he don’t really love…ajd