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Dogs In Cars on 50 Miles per Hour

At the hoot summer day, what is best to cool your dogs? If you watched our Dogs Vs. Sprinklers article,then you know that water is really good way to lower dogs temperature in this hot summer days. But there is one more thing that can help them. Did your dog ever put his head outside car on 50 miles per hour? You can see result on the collection bellow.



And as bonus, check out this awesome Dog Gif



Soldiers with Puppies

Sometimes dogs and puppies are in even worse situation than some people. Sometimes they also need to be rescued. On pictures bellow you will see how American Soldiers rescued and care for little puppies. Love between them is priceless, and they show that dog is mans best friend even in really hard situations…



The Worlds Ugliest Dog 2011

Welcome to competition where dog grooming and training is really not so important. You can trow away your dog grooming supplies and forgot tips from dog grooming school because that don’t make any sense here. Only important thing here is who is uglier! Welcome to the competition for World’s Ugliest Dog 2011. This event got his winner few days before. That was Chinese-crested Chihuahua named Yoda.

Yoda is 14-years old Chinese Chested Chihuahua mix found behind a block of flats by Nicole Schumacher. Bellow are dogs that didn’t success to get word’s most ugliest dog title…


Dogs Vs. Sprinklers

In hot summer days, dogs always ask something to cool them out…This time sprinklers are target. Once when water hit out from them dogs run and try to catch it…Scenes that happens are hilarious. There is something in Sprinklers that make dogs crazy but water helps them in same time by cooling them. Enjoy in this funny dog pics…


It’s a Dog Life

When you have fun with your dog last time? Sometimes we don’t give much attention to our best friends even when they deserve this…They are really loyal and they don’t ask too much for your time. On pictures bellow you can see what dog’s do when they are bored and what they do when they want to have fun…


Huskies and Tiger Best Friends

In Animals world, they are best friends. Nothing strange, except those are dogs and cat, and cat is one big tiger…Not enough strange? Right, there is just one tiny thing: Tiger on video is engaged specie, and is highly illegal to keep it as a pet…Engaged species became one of most popular exotic pets today, and that is really sad. They are not in they natural environment, and they can’t get proper food and care. White tiger is kind of pet that you can’ find in pet stores, and kind of animal you can’t get real pet insurance or find pet meds. Anyway, enjoy in cute pets video

The Dogs with Eyebrows

This cute Japanese chin have nice accessories as best Top Dog. Big cute Eyebrows on his face that make him one big confused dog…