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Does Your Dog Crave For Six Pack Abs? – Maybe It’s Time To Change His Diet

Has your canine friend started to put on a few extra pounds around the waist and is no longer the good-looking chiselled dog it once was? Maybe it’s time you gave your dog a workout both with a new exercise regime and a change of diet. Just like humans, dogs want to look good and impress the ladies when they go out for a walk. Have you ever seen an overweight lazy dog with bitches all around him? The answer is probably no and therefore you may need to start looking at some healthier alternatives like Orijen dog food.

You do not have to sign your dog up for a California gym, but you simply need to change its exercise regime and give it some healthier food. There are times when you need to think about your own pet’s health and realise that feeding it cheap supermarket brands isn’t going to lead it to live a fit and strong lifestyle. In fact, there are a lot of chemicals in cheap supermarket brands that can be quite harmful – recently there was even a scare of low-cost brands containing melamine, which is a deadly toxin.

Although we understand that you may not be able to get a premium brand bespoke dog food as this may cost a small fortune, you can always switch to a more popular well-known diet like Cesar dog food. They have a range of flavours and healthy foods that are suited for all breeds and you will instantly notice the difference in their health.

Iams dog food also has an extensive range of foods that are made with whole wheat and other natural ingredients. You will start to see those pounds fall off your dog and he’ll be attracting the ladies once again. So, just as you would look in the mirror and notice that you have put on a few extra pounds, think about your canine friend doing the same. They don’t have the choice of eating at Marks & Spencer’s as they rely on you to give them the proper meals that they need.

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