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Dog vs Cat – the best pet for kinds

When it comes to children, they will meet the decision to find best offer to adopt a cat or a dog with enthusiasm, no matter which animal you will choose, especially if you have only one child in the family. A child expects to find a good friend in the pet, someone with whom it is possible to play, to go for a walk in the park, to entertain. It is true, that a pet whether it is a dog or a cat, will bring a lot of positive emotion to your home and will be able to be the best companion for your child. However, there are several points to consider before you make your final decision which pet to choose. we are going to describe both cats and dogs to help you make up your mind.


First of all, you should know that dogs are very demanding animals. They need lots of exercising and walking in the fresh air. On the one hand, it is great for your child as well. You might think that the more time your child spends outdoors the better. You are right, however you should also take into account the fact that is it is nasty and miserable weather, the one who will have to walk your dog will be you. Dogs require a lot of people’s attention and care. This will not be a problem if your child is 6 to 8 years old. As your child is getting older, he or she is spends less and less time with the pet and again, it will be your job to entertain your doggy. You have to be also ready to do lots of cleaning because some breeds shed much. If your child is taught to de the cleaning regularly, it won’t be an issue. If not, you will do it yourself.


These cute animals make a perfect pet for your kid too because they are faithful, affectionate and playful. Your child will have great time playing with it. however, when it comes to petting, you have to choose the right breed because there are breeds described as affectionate lap cats, but some cat breeds are not very enthusiastic about being petted all the time. Cats might be left at home unattended when your child is at school or kindergarten and you will not have problems cleaning the mess when you came back home because these pets are self-sufficient and need some independence. Cats are easy to train to do different tricks and your child will definitely enjoy doing this and then boast to his or her friends. One more indisputable advantage for parent is that cats do not need constant walking come rain or shine. However, it is possible to take it to the park when the weather is fine. If you have a small apartment, cats are definitely for you because they do not need a lot of space. What you have to do is to arrange some vertical environment and enjoy your cat jumping, climbing and cuddling.

If you have made a final decision, it’s high time to call the shelter or search Kijiji and adopt a dog or a cat.

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