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Greyhound Retirement Day

The Greyhound is popular dog breed mostly because they are really fast and they are used for dog races. Even most of the States in the USA banned dog races, there are still 7 states that allows gambling of those poor dog races. Race rules demands that greyhounds can’t be older than 5 and in some cases 6 years. After few years in racing when greyhounds becomes weak and unable to gives their maximum in races, their “owners” totally forgot about them and buys new dogs to use them for races. Luckily, there’s one adoption group of people “Fast Friends” that’s committed in finding homes for retired greyhounds. In every few months this group arranges event “Retirement Day” where they organize adoption for greyhounds that are not able to race anymore. In the pictures bellow you can see photos from life of the racing greyhounds from their racing times to retirement day…


  1. I love greyhounds. They make great pets and after racing they all deserve a home.

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