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Remote Training Collars

Remote training collars are an option when you are trying to teach your dogs how to behave properly. They can also help to eliminate unwanted actions that your dog may perform, such as barking excessively or chewing on furniture. With this device, you are able to redirect their actions from a distance. There are many different training products out there, but remote collars have been known to be successful at getting the right types of behavior from your pet.

These collars work by delivering a small shock to your pet when they are misbehaving or not following your commands. This jolt does nothing to harm the puppy, unlike other shock collars. There are three components of the training collar system. First is the remote that you will use to deliver the shock when your dog has behaved incorrectly. Next is a collar that is worn around the animal’s neck like any other collar. The last aspect of remote training collars are the probes located around the collar which send the shock to the dog when activated. It is important that the collar fit snugly in order for it to work correctly when you activate it using the remote.

Remote collars are a safe and humane way to train your pet even when you are not standing beside him. This can be helpful because you are still able to redirect your dog’s behavior even when you are not around. Punishing a dog minutes after he has done something wrong is not effective, because they cannot make the correlation between their behavior and the punishment after it’s already happened. The shock they receive will merely distract them from what they are doing without causing harm. If they tend to become annoyed and distracted by the shock often, the idea is that they will eventually stop doing the unwanted behavior.

There are safety features provided with most remote dog collars. One such aspect is an automatic shut off feature. This will stop the shock over six to ten seconds, even if the dog has not stopped barking. This is beneficial if there is a legitimate reason for the barking or other action the dog is exhibiting. They may be simply ignoring the stimulation because of the situation. The remote can provide continuous or momentary shocks, depending on what is needed to get your dog to understand.

As you can see, remote training collars can help you correct your dog’s behaviors, and get them to understand what actions you would like to see from them. They can help if other methods of training have failed. They are not dangerous to the animals, as the shock they deliver is light, similar to the static shock you would receive if you touched something metal.

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