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Dogs In Cars on 50 Miles per Hour

At the hoot summer day, what is best to cool your dogs? If you watched our Dogs Vs. Sprinklers article,then you know that water is really good way to lower dogs temperature in this hot summer days. But there is one more thing that can help them. Did your dog ever put his head outside car on 50 miles per hour? You can see result on the collection bellow.



And as bonus, check out this awesome Dog Gif



It’s a Dog Life

When you have fun with your dog last time? Sometimes we don’t give much attention to our best friends even when they deserve this…They are really loyal and they don’t ask too much for your time. On pictures bellow you can see what dog’s do when they are bored and what they do when they want to have fun…


Human Food That Is Bad for Dogs

Do you love to eat in front of the television beside your dog nibbling any left over that you have? Or, are you one of those who throw some food to their dogs when you eat your food in your couch? Many people do that for no reasons at all. People just love to eat while watching their favorite television show, and most of the time their pet dog sit with them or on the floor lying lazily. Although it had been a practice, it is extremely beneficial for our dogs not to be feed with human food that can be dangerous to their health.

Now we know that there are human foods that are unhealthy for our pets, now is the time that we put a stop into our old habit of throwing some of our food to them. We must do it for the sake of our dogs because we do not know what might happen, they might get sick all of a sudden. For the benefit of our dogs, it is extremely valuable for us to know those human foods that can cause illness to out pets. Once we get to learn all of them, it is our responsibility to avoid feeding them those foods to prevent health issues.

The first human food that we love to eat is chocolates. Dogs cannot digest chocolates; dark chocolates are extremely dangerous to dogs. Aside from chocolates, candy bars may also cause health problems. Another is onion. Onions can cause digestive problems, and you should bring them to their vet immediately once they get to eat an onion, and have negative reactions to it. Grapes can cause kidney troubles as well as raisins.

Another set of human food that can cause gastrointestinal problems and severe digestive problems include garlic, tomatoes, avocado, macadamia nuts and even rhubarb. On the other hand, caffeine or tobacco products and eggplant can cause labored or shortness in breathing among dogs. Alcoholic drinks can cause urination problems, sickness and disorientation. There are dogs who get attracted to taste almost everything; we need to be responsible not to let them drink alcoholic beverages. Salt or salty food can cause pancreatitis and stomach ailments such as bloating.

The best thing to do is to train your pet to eat foods that are only served on their own bowls, and as the owner, you should also teach yourself not to give them just any food that you have. There are many dog training services that can teach your dog just about any obedience program that they need to learn. For example, if you are from Maryland, search for training services like Baltimore dog training, Severn dog training, Maryland dog training, Crofton dog training, Maryland dog trainer, and Annapolis dog training. We all need to be aware of the food that we give to our dogs to prevent any health problems.

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