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The Characteristics of a Boxer Puppy

The Boxer puppy or dog is a very energetic breed of dog. Boxers are called the clown of dogs, because they have a personality all their own.

The Boxer makes a great family dog. They love to be around children, and get along well with other dogs, as long as they are socialized when they are younger.

It is believed that the Boxer originally comes from Germany, and were used to hunt live wild boar, and their ears where cropped for this reason, so the wild boars could not gorge the ears of the Boxers.

The Boxer dog is a dog of higher intelligence, and will require daily activities, just to keep them occupied, as a Boxer is a high energy dog, that requires lots of physical activities. So don’t plan on having a dog that will be sitting around the house watching TV with you, they will go crazy if they don’t get enough exercise, and start destroying things.

The average size of a Boxer is roughly 50 to 70 pounds, with males being bigger. The life expectancy of a Boxer is roughly 12 to 14 years. The hair and coat is short and shiny on Boxer dogs.

The Boxer was breed as a working dog, guard dog, and family dog. The Boxer will be happy to see welcome guests, and protective and cautious with strangers and unwelcome guests. If your Boxer feels a family member is be threatened, the Boxer will naturally become aggressive towards the perpetrator.

Boxer dogs by nature are not aggressive. They would actually rather run and romp around with you, and be the clown they are famous for being. They do better when they have another dog playmate to romp with.

In the olden days, the Boxer and the Mastiff were related, and if you look at them together, you can easily see the resemblance to each other.

A Boxer puppy or dog should have a backyard to play in. If not, they should be taken to a park on a daily basis. The Boxer does not do well in cold or hot climates. When it is really hot, the Boxer can have a hard time breathing and keeping themselves cool, so totally keep that in mind if you live in very hot places, or it is just a hot day outside, make sure your Boxer has plenty of fresh drinking water, and a nice place to get out of the cold or heat.

If your one of the ones lucky enough to own a Boxer puppy or dog, you are going to see him or her do some pretty crazy harmless fun things sometimes, that will make you laugh sometimes, and then you will realize why they are called the clown dog!

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