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The Real Life Watchdog

When you think about watchdog the top dog you think about mostly is dog breed German Sheppard, Rottweiler, Mastif, Doberman or many others. Once you see Dog Pics bellow you will get totally different impression and different meaning for “Watchdog” because watchdog don’t need to be dog that will watch you and your family. Watch dog can be dog with Rolex collar aroun d his neck. Bellow is Border terrier Smike who earned “watchdog” nickname because his new gear.

Dogs owner Karen Denney from the Crawford, near St. Helens (UK) specially commissioned the collar because she wanted special and unique dog canine accessory. The unique dog collar have built-in Rolex Watch and this is gift for her best friend’s seventh birthday. Thanks god that Rolex watch is not unique and that’s only replica.

We bet this collar will look awesome on World’s Most Expensive Dog