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World Best Trained Dog for House Works

Jesse is Jack Russel Terrier and he just become star at the internet. Most of people thing dog tricks are for shows only, but Jesse will show you that those tricks can be really useful around the house as well and to help his owner…We don’t think that Jesse goes to any dog training schools or that she wear any dog training collars. She is just born this way and she is one of the kind…Take a look at her amazing video…

Jesse the Jack Russell is popular by her previous video where she present her with Incredible Dog Tricks Performation. You can watch video bellow:

And here is what her owner say about Jesse:

Jesse shows off some of his talented tricks; complete with his award winning smile =o)

None of the footage has been sped up or reversed; Jesse actually knows how to walk backwards. The only effect added was slowing down the jump for the Frisbees to go in time with the music.

The footage in this video is from October 2007 and March 2008 when Jesse was 2 and 3 years old.

All of Jesse’s training has been done through the use of positive reinforcement and relationship-based training.

Find out more at Jesse’s Official Website: http://justjessethejack.com