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The Top 11 Jobs For Dogs

So far the phrase “Dog’s Life” didn’t come to my attention seriously. Now, when i see some of those pics and imagine dogs struggling to give their best and to perform their jobs correctly i know what this is all about. Check out this top 11 awesome jobs that dogs can perform and tell us what do you think will they be good choose for the available careers.

Police Officer

Airline Pilot

Boat Captain



Classical Pianist

Gourmet Chef


Medical Professional

Construction Worker


What Dogs Do Not Want?!

Did you ever wonder what you dogs love and like and what’s not? How will that look if your dog can tell you about his emotions? Instead telling you, you can get other kind of signals and reactions from your pet dog… On dog pics bellow we collected best reaction that clearly say “Do Not want”. Conclusion is that most of them bragging about food friends and similar things. We actually feel really sorry for dog in last picture for working on job he don’t really love…ajd


Dogs Vs. Sprinklers

In hot summer days, dogs always ask something to cool them out…This time sprinklers are target. Once when water hit out from them dogs run and try to catch it…Scenes that happens are hilarious. There is something in Sprinklers that make dogs crazy but water helps them in same time by cooling them. Enjoy in this funny dog pics…