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The Real View on Dogs and Cats

For the dog lovers, cats are unfamiliar creatures. All of us know the most of dog breeds names such as pugs, dobermans, Labradors, bulldogs, huskies, beagles and so on. Now, when it comes to cats most of the people does not even know there are multiple dog breeds, they are just… cats. We hope this picture will make you giggle.

The Battle Of Dogs Vs. Cats

Since we are website about dogs, we will tell that dogs are better to be your best friend. We will show some arguments bellow and you be the judge… There are so many dog training schools tutorials and training gear like dog training collars but as everyone know dogs learn faster and they are much more easiest to train.

1. Which Have More Stamina?

2. Which Are More Agile?

3. Which Are Better Hunters?

4. Which Are Hardest Working?

5. Which Live the Longest?

6. Which Are the Fastest?

7. Which Are the Most Independent?

8. Which Have the Better Sense of Smell?

9. Which Are Smarter?