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Abandoned puppies named after chocolate on Easter

Please take a look at these beautiful jack russell terrier puppies at Easter Day. They were all abandoned, but good people find them and gave them names of chocolade Easter Eggs. Meet Mini egg, Flake, Mars, Milky Way, Yorkie and Cadbury on photos bellow.  Jack Russell is well known popular Dog Breed, and Jack Russell puppies are adorable. Those poor puppies are left in Easter eggs chocolate boxes, and abandoned. Now puppies waiting to find way to new homes and for new owners who would take care for them. Dog pics bellow are from time when they are found, and they are happy and sad at the same time…

And now here is lession about dogs and chocolate: Please don’t give any chocolate to puppies, because only 50g is enough to kill little puppu. Chocolate is bad for dogs because it’s contain chemical theobromine, which is extremely toxic and it can cause chocolate poisoning for man’s best friend…This can lead to serious dog health complication and lead even to dead.

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