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Red Tibetan Mastiff is The World most expensive dog

Paul McCartney say that money can’t buy love – but £1million can buy you man’s most expensive dog best friend.Dog BreedRed Tibetan mastiff becomes the world’s most expensive dog after being sold for 10 million Chinese yuan, or £945,000, witch is around $1.600.000.The Mastiff Big Splash, (Chinese: Hong Dong), is purchased by a coal baron from the north of China. And it has lucky his new owner is a multi-millionaire, since the goodly price tag does not factor dor Big Splash’s diet – plenty chicken and beef to fill up a growing 180lb dog, spiced with Chinese dainties such ocean cucumber and ear-shell.

Dog’s owner should need an big house also, because Tibetan Mastiffs is known to weigh as around 286lb – as is  a big rugby player. Still the regular weight for an adult Tibetan Mastiff is about 13 stone. According to breeder Lu Liang, Big Splash are an ‘complete specimen’ and the excessive cost for the 11-month-old equals entirely rationalised. Lu said: ‘We spent a lot revenue to raise this dog, and we give the pays of lot of staff to bear’ – summing that the fresh owner can charge about £10,000 for a single time for Big Splash to multiply with a female

The big price given  for the dog is an mark that the red Tibetan mastiff is become an status symbol in China, replacement jewelry and autos as aside for the super-rich to flaunt their riches. Not just is red believed a lucky colour, simply Tibetan mastiffs is conceived to be holy animals, approval their possessors’ wellness and security. Tibetans think the dogs get the souls from monks and nuns who weren’t fine enough to be reincarnated as people or into Shambhala, the celestial realm.  Owners from the spawn get included Queen Victoria, King George IV and  Genghis Khan – who purportedly got 30,000 of the dogs on his army in hellos bid to capture Western Europe.