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Aged Dogs Photography

Average dog lifespan for small breeds is up to 16 years, for medium breeds up to 10 years and for big dog breeds up to 8 years. We collected photographs of aged dogs who beat dead and live happily with their families. Of course, when they get older you need to know dog care tips, you need to have good vet, and to provide good pet care in order to keep them comfortable. Generally, dogs years in an manner alike to humans. Their bodies start to acquire troubles which is rarer at junior ages, it is much prone to dangerous or fatal conditions such cancer, stroke, and so on., they get less mobile and could acquire articulate troubles specified arthritis, and in years frequently get lower physically active. In addition, they get less able to handle variety, including wide climatical or temperature edition, and could acquire dietetic or diseases of the skin or go deafen.

Champ – 9 years old, South Dakota

Abby – 9 years old, Washington

Rocky – 9 years old, Alaska

Joey – 9 years old, Hawthorne, New Jersey

Susie – 10 years old, Natches, Mississippi

Cecilia – 12 years old, Maryland

Mason – 12 years old, Bailey – 12 years old, Washington

Ginger – 12 years old, Devils Tower, Wyoming

Susie – 12 years old, Fargo, Oklahoma

Rosie – 13 years old, Haylil, Florida

Henk – 13 years old, Lake Rettlsneyk, Washington

Biscuit – 13 years old, Hallett, Wyoming

Carly – 14 years old, Kanab, Utah

Valley – 14 years old, Ferryden, Louisiana

Pupp – 14 years old, New York

Lulu at the age of 5 and Lulu at the age of 15

Mercer Island, Washington

Sue Gass – 15 years old, Montana

Cooper – 15 years old, New York

Natasha Mary – 15 years old, Montana

Buttons – 15 years old, Bloomfield, New Jersey

Springfazer – 15 years old, Kenab, Utah

Lady – 15 years old, Salt Lake City, Utah

Jake – 16 years old, Hoggins, Texas

Carly – 16 years old, Wyoming

Safecracker – 16 years old, Oregon

Meg – 16 years old, Juneau, Alaska

June – 16 years old, Sandwich, Massachusetts

Picasso – 17 years old, South Carolina

Cody – 17 years old, Montana

Amy – 18 years old, Charlotte, North Carolina

Bribie – 21 years old, Nani – 19 years old, Wyoming

Ratzu – 21 years old, Washington