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One Day of the Dogs Life

Dog’s life is often the synonym for the hard and unpleasant life. To explain us this phrase better, the photographer John Shafto used his dog Pete to photograph the interesting moments and scenes from Pete every day’s life naming the series “A day in the Life of Pete, the dog”.  Pete starts his day with hangover from night before, continuing to the bathroom for vomiting and the shower afterwards. Once ready, the Pete goes to work and when is finally at home he lay down on bed and get drunk. Tomorrow is the new day and for Pete it’s just indefinitely repeat…







Dogs On Jet Skis

In the warm summer days dogs need to find activity that will chill them out. Nowdays, dogs are so progressive they even know how to ride the Jet Skies. You don’t believe us? Well, take a look yourself.


Dogs Guide on How to Spend a Rocking Summer

 Day by day summer is closer for us. Most of our dogs enjoy in warm days after long winters. Bellow you can check top 20 funniest activities for your dogs during the summer months.

Run through the sprinklers

Go on a road trip

Visit the ice cream truck

Make a pillow fort

Find ways to beat the heat

Climb a tree

Go rollerblading

Go to the beach

Go camping

Have a summer romance

Fly a kite

Work on your tan

See a summer blockbuster

Watch a sunset

Catch a Frisbee

Go for a bike ride

Smell the flowers

See a fireworks display

Sleep until noon

Play video games


The Lucky Police K-9 Officer Saved in Sacramento

The German shepherd named Bandit is full time K9 Officer in Sacramento police squad. After catching a robber, Bandit suffered gunshot the neck area.  After long 5 hours fight, surgeons success  to remove a bullet from the wounded police dog.

Just to remind everybody, Police dog training is extremely strict and tough. They all need to obey each and every command from their trainer and handler without hesitation.  All future police dogs also must have strong agility training since they need to be prepared to jump over the walls and climb on stairs and many more. At the end, there are many types of police dogs. Many of them search for drugs, some search for explosives while other search for missing people but also for prison escapees and suspects. In case you missed, check out the album of dog military training.

Dog Lawyer Memes

Memes are becoming really popular form of fun online nowdays. In last few months we seen a lot of memes that goes viral, and today we present you the dogs meme that will become really popular in the next days. In the dog pics today we present you dog lawyer and his funny cases. We hope this will make you laugh.



Rottweiler In Love

Rottweiler just found new best friends and seems they are in love…

All of us know that Rottweilers are strong dog, originated from Germany. It was frequently used as police and guard dog. Even this kind of dogs have warm hearts and want to make new friendships. Check out this video of Rottweiler plays with cows.

Greyhound Retirement Day

The Greyhound is popular dog breed mostly because they are really fast and they are used for dog races. Even most of the States in the USA banned dog races, there are still 7 states that allows gambling of those poor dog races. Race rules demands that greyhounds can’t be older than 5 and in some cases 6 years. After few years in racing when greyhounds becomes weak and unable to gives their maximum in races, their “owners” totally forgot about them and buys new dogs to use them for races. Luckily, there’s one adoption group of people “Fast Friends” that’s committed in finding homes for retired greyhounds. In every few months this group arranges event “Retirement Day” where they organize adoption for greyhounds that are not able to race anymore. In the pictures bellow you can see photos from life of the racing greyhounds from their racing times to retirement day…

Beautiful Akita Photos

Japanese history, both verbal and written, describe the ancestors of the Akita, the Matagi dog, as one of the oldest of the native dogs. Today’s Akita developed primarily from dogs in the northernmost region of the island of Honsh? in the Akita prefecture, thus providing the breed’s name. The Matagi’s quarry included wild boar, Sika deer, and Asian black bear. This swift, agile, unswervingly tenacious precursor dog tracked large game, holding it at bay until hunters arrived to make the kill.
The breed is also influenced by crosses with larger breeds from Asia and Europe, including English Mastiffs, Great Danes and the Tosa Inu, in the desire to develop a fighting dog for the burgeoning dog fighting industry in Odate, Akita Prefecture, Japan in the early 20th century. During World War II the Akita was also crossed with German Shepherd Dogs in an attempt to save them from the war time government order for all non-military dogs to be culled. The ancestors of the American style Akita were originally a variety of the Japanese style Akita, a form that was not desired in Japan due to the markings, and which is not eligible for show competition.


Cheap Dog Walking Service

Walking around in big cities, you can see ads on every corner that say: Chicago dog walkers, dog walker nyc and much more. That’s happen because people work all day along and they don’t have time to spend time with they pet friends and to fulfill their needs. At this post we present you really cheap dog walking service. It’s senior Labrador Retriever who take his 3 little friends, 2 haskies and one cocker spaniel. They are so adorable all together…

The Dogs Of Occupy Wall Street

As Everyone know Occupy Wall Street started in New York at Zuccotti Park on Wall Street. The participants are mainly protesting social and economic inequality, corporate greed, as well as the power and influence of corporations, particularly from the financial service sector, and lobbyists over government. In around 10 days protests have modeled in over 900 cities worldwide.

In all this, some dogs trying to show their thinks about protests. Their owners created little banners and they are big support to everyone other. Dogs are also 99%…