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Top 5 Most Beautiful White Dog Breeds

There are a lot Dog Breeds and much more classifications. Most people choose dog breed depending on their behavior and mentality, however there are a lot of people who choose dog breeds depending on the appearance. Every dog breed is unique and all of them have something specific. Today we will write about Most beautiful Large White Dog Breeds. We will also include smaller white dog breeds but in separate article that you can expect soon…



Samoyed is dog from Western Siberia where they are used for dog sled, for protection, herding, but also to keep their owners and little kids worm in cold Siberia. Samoyed is one of the oldest dog breeds dates at least 3,000 years in history.  They have beautiful white double layer coat. Top layer keeps bottom coat clean which make Samoyed appearance beautiful. They are perfect dogs for families and little kids, they are active and playful even when in older ages…

White Shepherds


White Shepherd dog origins with their appearance from German Shepherds. Since White Shepherds origins from German Shepherd dogs, they also have their intelligence, sense for loyalty and gene to be perfect work dogs. Just like Samoyed, White Shepherds have snow-white double coat that is weather resistant, but their coat is much shorter than Samoyed coat. They are in Top 5 Most inteligent dog breeds, they are extremely loyal and great to train for work dogs. They are active and playful which make them a perfect companions. There are 3 types of White Shepherd dogs: White German Shepherd, White Swiss Shepherd Dog and American White Shepherd.

The Dogo Argentino


The Dogo Argentino is is extremely strong dog breed originated from Argentina. Since their creation they are mostly used to hunt wild boar and pumas. They are one of rare dog breeds that don’t have any marks on the body except really short white coat. Since Dogo Argentino is hunting dog, they are sometimes trained for Police and Military Assistance for search and rescue. Even they are mostly breaded for hunt, with their human families they are playful and gently. They need to be properly trained because Dogo Argentino is dominant breed and they are also really protective for their territory which can be dangerous sometimes.

Pyrenean Mountain Dog

The Great Pyrenees is really large dog breed mostly used as an livestock guardian dog. Similar to many other shepherds breeds, Pyrenean Mountain Dog is one of the most oldest dog breeds. It was used by shepherds for hundred years around Pyrenees Mountains located in France and Spain. Even they can have shades of Grey and Dust red, their coat is mostly full white. This beautiful glamorous dogs are affectionate, gently and confident. They are strong, protective and territorial, but when it comes to families, they are tolerant and patiten. Even they have strong will, they are mostly independent and reserved to everyone, with their human friends they are loyal, fearless and attentive.

Color Variation of other Dog Breeds

There are couple dog breeds that does not have to be just white. Today we present you just two of them. Those are White Siberian Husky and White Akita Inu.

Siberian Husky

Similar as Samoyed, they are working dogs originated from Siberia. Siberian Huskies have a lot of energy, they are active and resilient dog breed and in history they were mostly used for dog sled. Nowdays, dog sled races are performed couple times yearly just for fun. Even huskies are highly intelligent, they sometimes just stop to listen their owners because they are “bored” with commands. This can be avoided by providing them new activities to keep them busy.

Akita Inu

Large and strong dog breed originated from Japan. There are two types of Akitas: American Akita and Japanese “Akita Inu”. American Akita comes in all colors, and Akita Inu in just few selected colors. Just like many other Spitz dog breeds, Akita have double coat. Both of they have dignity, courage and devotion to their human family. They are also protective for their territory and they are reserved to strangers. Even they look amazingly cute, they can be dangerous with other dogs and they are not recommended to people who didn’t have any dogs before.