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The Dangers of Ticks for Your Pets

                If you are not sure why it is so vital for your pet to have tick treatments, this article is an essential read for you. Ticks are parasitic arthropods and they feed on their hoses blood. They are so dangerous to pets because they carry diseases that can affect your pet. To keep your dog safe, it is necessary to make sure that you always protect your pets from ticks and in turn from the diseases that ticks can transmit to your pet.

You will want to search your pet for ticks occasionally. Concentrate on the areas near their neck and ears, and in their skin folds and crevices. These are where the ticks tend to hid. If you run your hands over them and detect a raised portion, you will want to part the hair in that area to get a closer look. The ticks can be as small as the tip of a pencil or as big as a lima bean when they are engorged. Ticks are usually found in areas that are heavily wooded or where the grass is higher. If you are in an area where these little buggers are on high alert, you may want to check your pet each day.

Common disease that ticks can carry

                One of the most common tick-borne diseases is Lyme disease. This is an infectious disease that is caused by bacteria. The bitten area usually starts by getting red. Other symptoms include swollen lymph nodes, joint pain, fever, lethargy, and loss of appetite. The disease is usually hard to detect. In older pets, you may think that it is their age. When your pet can’t get up or move around because of the pain, you may not realize that it is because of the disease.

Prevention is the Key

                You should get your pets vaccinated to prevent tick bites and ultimately diseases that can affect your pet or get passed on to you. It is always suggested that you keep your cat’s or dog’s tick treatments up to date, so that you don’t have to worry about the diseases that they can carry. There are vaccinations to help with the disease and antibiotics that can be taken, however, it is better to prevent your pet from getting bitten by the ticks all together.

                You want to protect your pet because they are part of your family. However, you want to protect yourself and your loved ones from your pet as well. The diseases that your pets get from tick bites can be spread to you or your loved ones. Don’t take the chance. Get your dog or cat tick treatments today.

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